Skype :)

Got Skype installed for the lucky ones amongst you to be able to contact me when I ask you to.  Also sorting out some recordings to put on the site for you to listen to at your leisure when I’m not about.  So aren’t we all lucky slaves and subs right now.  Those of you that aren’t given permission to use my Skype can call me when I want via my “personal” number.  Also been working on a new website for losers so they’ll be able to contact some of my Mistress friends and other Mistresses that choose to join the site but more on that later.    Doesn’t look like this site is going to get a facelift as the person that promised to do it way back in November disappeared off the face of the earth after he got a job (well done for that) but you’ll have to put up with it the way it is, with any different bits sorted by me.   A happy Miss D x x x x

32 years old. Half English/half Spanish Mistress. Been into domination for as long as I can remember.

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